Not another upgrade?  Oh, yes change is here to stay.  But it doesn’t have to be painful.  SNI takes the pain out of managing change in two ways.  First, our recommendations always have an eye on the future. We help build systems that are scalable and can adjust to your changing business needs.  Second, we pride ourselves on tending to the people involved in the change process.  Managing change is a process of managing people not technology. We pride ourselves in our focus on tending to the people involved in the change process.  Our years of experience managing change include a focus on collaboration, well thought out project planning, clear communication and thorough testing.  As a result our clients’ projects are completed on time, within budget and with time left-over for happy hour.

planning & implementing upgrades

Smooth transitions start with thorough planning and testing. Out project planning includes both.

solutions that grow with you

You may be aware of what you need today, but each new day will bring an ever changing landscape. Based on our years of experience in managing change and growth, we recommend systems that are scalable and can grow with your changing needs.

people focused

A successful project is measured by the satisfaction of the people impacted by the change. We focus on clear communications, setting expectations and user feedback.

clear communications & thorough testing

Successful project planning is built on a foundation of planning, communication and testing. We always incorporate contingency and fallback options with each step forward.

Have questions?

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