The security of your systems and data is of the utmost importance.  SNI’s best practices use a multi-layered approach to protect and monitor the security of our clients’ systems and data.  This includes end user best practices and education, multifactor authentication, secure VPN remote access, state of the art monitoring and off-site systems backup.

multilayered protection strategies

Optimal security relies on multiple layers of protection and monitoring. We balance optimal security with ease to maintain productivity.

Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access to in-office and cloud hosted resources is a key part of every business today. We implement systems to ensure authorized and secure access to all of your systems.

Network Vulnerability Scanning

We employ enterprise level tools to monitor and remediate known network and systems vulnerabilities.

Cloud & On-site Disaster Recovery

Recovery from a multitude of unexpected issues starts with monitored regular backups stored both on-site, for quick recovery, and off-site to protect against natural disasters and ransomware attacks.

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