Regardless of the size of your network, from a small office to several thousand, we can analyze your current systems.  Over the years we have developed our “SNI Systems Audit” to provide you with visibility into your existing IT infrastructure.  The insights gleaned from this audit will allow for the professional management of your existing technology and provide the foundation to undertake new projects.  You only know what you know, and we’ll help uncover and address potential vulnerabilities before they are a problem. 

specialized network audit

Review, analysis and documentation of your entire IT infrastructure. The audit report includes recommendations to enhance your IT environment sorted by priority.

education on your current systems

Our audit report will give you the knowledge to plan for ongoing maintenance and future growth.

uncover potential issues

Our audit can bring to light configuration issues and security vulnerabilities before they create problems.

Overview of Entire IT Environment in a single document

Our audit report provides an overview of your entire IT environment in a single document. This not only provides you with the knowledge to manage your IT infrastructure, but can demonstrate to partners and clients that you are performing due diligence in managing and protecting one of your most valuable resources.

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