Network Firewall and Remote VPN

The Internet provides connectivity to resources the world over.  This also means that without adequate protection, your office network is accessible to bad actors the world over.  No single form of Internet security will be 100% effective.  So, the best protection is a multilayered approach which includes: Internet firewalls and remote VPN Multifactor Authentication Password […]

Password protection
Password Management – Your first line of defense.

Password management is your first line of defense in protecting your online resources.  Bad actors often gain access to information and systems by compromising a user’s credentials.  In many cases passwords are inadvertently provided to the bad actors by sophisticated social engineer ploys.  These come in the form of malicious emails, texts and compromised websites.  […]

Sharepoint Colocation
SharePoint Migration to enable co-working

Overnight, the COVID pandemic has forced companies to reimagine how workflows can be performed remotely.  In addition, as companies no longer require their employees to be in the office, a company’s employee pool is untethered from geographic locations.  Both of these changes have accelerated the adoption of migrating data hosted on premise to cloud hosting […]