Password protection
Password Management – Your first line of defense.

Password management is your first line of defense in protecting your online resources.  Bad actors often gain access to information and systems by compromising a user’s credentials.  In many cases passwords are inadvertently provided to the bad actors by sophisticated social engineer ploys.  These come in the form of malicious emails, texts and compromised websites.  […]

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery as a result of good Business Continuity Planning

In our digital age a company’s data is often its most valuable asset.  It not only contains potentially proprietary or sensitive information, but is the result of countless hours of work.  The loss of a company’s data can be devastating and planning for disaster recovery is crucial. The ability to restore IT systems and the […]

Network Security – Antimalware Threat Protection

Securing your IT systems and data using antimalware threat protection is a perfect example of how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Protecting your data, often a company’s most valuable asset, is a cat and mouse game.  Meaning, it’s important to not only put protection systems in place, but to monitor […]

Sharepoint Colocation
SharePoint Migration to enable co-working

Overnight, the COVID pandemic has forced companies to reimagine how workflows can be performed remotely.  In addition, as companies no longer require their employees to be in the office, a company’s employee pool is untethered from geographic locations.  Both of these changes have accelerated the adoption of migrating data hosted on premise to cloud hosting […]

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) – The cheapest insurance money can buy!

Relying on username and password for authentication is no longer adequate for protecting your data or site access.  Multifactor authentication or MFA requires approval on another device whenever you authenticate to a site or use VPN remote access.  MFA can take the form of a code that is texted to your mobile phone, an app […]