SNI helps companies design and manage their network infrastructure, servers and workstations. We have a broad base of experience in network upgrades - designing technology infrastructure to integrate with existing systems. Our expertise ensures that projects are completed on time and on budget.

We provide a wide range of service levels, from complete network systems outsourcing to consulting on individual projects - tailoring our support depending on clients' needs and existing internal resources.

SNI provides you with the tools and documentation you need to effectively manage your technology - we don't believe in making you dependent on us. Our detailed documentation allows you the flexibility to use and expand your technology as you see fit, and to recover quickly in the event of a system disaster.

Assessment and integration of new technologies
As technologies and systems evolve, SNI helps clients assess the options available and identify solutions that best meet their business process needs. From the RFP stage to going live, we offer the support needed to integrate new technologies including migration to new operating system platforms.

Networking systems audits and analysis
Regardless of the size of your network, from a few computers to several thousand, we can help with analyzing your current systems, providing documentation and undertaking project planning for system implementation - all based on analysis of your specific business needs.

Network infrastructure
Effectively managing your network is critical to the daily success of your business. Down time means lost dollars and lost opportunities. SNI is experienced with Active Directory design and upgrades, design of local area networks and wireless systems, and procedures for successful systems back-up and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity.

Network security
Your network is your link to the world - and a potential area of vulnerability for loss of sensitive information. We help ensure you are protected, consulting with you on Internet security procedures and systems, virtual private networking (VPN), and managing internal security policies.

Desktop management
Ensuring that workstations are operating efficiently is essential to your employees' productivity. SNI provides a range of services, including software and operating system installation, distribution and inventory control; anti-virus, -spam and -spyware/adware protection; and remote management and support.

Server operating system optimization
In addition to helping your business adapt to new technologies, we help you make the best use of the systems you implement. For example, with server virtualization, you can install multiple servers on one piece of hardware, thus increasing your hardware ROI and reducing ongoing maintenance costs

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